Myron Corp supplies and installs steel roofs of all types. A metal roofing system is generally manufactured from metal pans or tiles. Metal roofs are fire and spark-resistant, durable, energy-efficient, and have many other qualities. We offer clients the ability to choose from many different materials, colors, etc.

The metals we specialize in are copper, lead-coated copper, zinc, stainless steel, lead, galvanized metal, Galvalume aluminum, and all color steel roofing products.

Myron Corp is an expert in the slate roofing industry. We have the expertise to provide a full-service slate roofing system complete with all flashing systems that are custom-made and designed to stand the test of time. Slate roofing is the most complex and misunderstood roofing system available.

A slate roof has the capability to last for well over 100 years and even centuries when it is installed with the proper materials and installation methods.

We offer a large number of synthetic roofing products that include imitation slate, cedar, and tile.

Myron Corp installs flat roofs. We offer different types of flat roofs with cold adhesive applications to avoid open flame techniques and provide peace of mind for our customers.

Cedar shingles have the ability to last up to 40-50 years on a roof depending upon the installation method and type. Cedar shakes and shingles are sturdy, highly resistant to all types of weather, and offer a natural appearance.

Our clients' roofs achieve warmth, natural beauty, and character when a cedar roofing system is complete.

Myron Corporation is an expert in using wood, metal, concrete, and composite materials for wall paneling to fit any aesthetic or style.

Myron Corp installs eaves troughs on our roofing systems. We offer a large diversity of sizes, shapes, and materials.

We can also custom manufacture eaves troughs specifically for your project. Materials include copper, lead-coated copper, zinc, aluminum, and steel.

Myron Corp is capable of providing very unique and specialized creations for a diversity of applications.

Our experience in creating one-of-a-kind designs of finials, collector heads, louver vents, and chimney tops makes us a good choice in your selection of a qualified and detail-oriented firm to complete your unique creation.